Interviews, Reviews + Press About Volutes

From a review of Elegant Grey By Local Loop

"Elegant Grey is, true to its name, monochromatic; its nature is born from texture and structure over color. Like Nicolas Jaar’s Darkside at midnight at the bazaar, the EP builds from a stark, deep house foundation a translucent groove...Though this movement is anxious, it is still an aurally pleasant environment, and it calls for the listener to physically move. There’s still enough remnants of dance music here, albeit foreign, to qualify Elegant Grey as dance.  Dennoaui’s ability to merge this deep house basis with a contemplative and nearly meditative quality that makes her EP a stand out electronic listen."

From a Review of Elegant Grey By The Deli Chicago

"...It is a beautiful, elegant, and at times haunting album. Dennaoui uses an array of sounds and samples to create an intimate but ever expanding universe of sound."

Inside the Machine: An Interview with Volutes

"Inspired by the basics of life, and tempered by the loss of her mother, Volutes' latest release, Elegant Grey, is a departure from the normal roads of electronic music. Light, melancholy strings play softly against bombastic percussion in this 30-minute soundscape, drawing the audience ever deeper into her world of sound.

It's music at it's realest: in fact, you'd never know that it's a debut EP. The depth and warmth offered in this recording belies the project's age: Elegant Grey has the sonic fingerprint of projects more than twice it's senior. Each track is charming, while begging the listener to question and apply their own meaning to each one..."

The Spatial Qualities of Sound: An Interview with Volutes’ Christina Dennaoui

"Christina Dennaoui is a songwriter and producer from Chicago, and her Volutes project has just released Elegant Grey, an EP that she wrote, produced, mixed and mastered herself. On it she’s combined Middle Eastern melodies, jazz rhythms, deep house grooves and technical expertise to create an enchanting, liquid work that gives the listener something new each time through it..."

An Interview with Kriss Stress over at Notes and Bolts 

An Interview with Lykanthea on her show, Kinetic Shapes. Kinetic Shapes is a program in which two Chicago-based musicians interview one another and discuss their influences, interests, etc.

An Interview with Hex at Radio One Chicago - April 9th, 2015